San Francisco Mayor Says His City Deserves An Oscar For Getting Destroyed All The Time

san francisco deserves oscar mayor ed lee
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No, seriously. San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee isn’t joking when he tells The Hollywood Reporter that his city deserves some kind of special recognition for constantly being destroyed in countless Hollywood blockbusters this year.

Lee isn’t necessarily against all the destructive focus his city as received as of late, especially since films like San Andreas, Ant-Man and Terminator Genisys are driving more people to the movies. However, an award or two would be nice:

Reached by THR, Mayor Ed Lee seems fine with the recent wave of destruction as long as the northern metropolis is recognized again during awards season. “San Francisco’s starring role in recent Hollywood movies should earn our city an Oscar nomination,” Lee says.

On the one hand, Lee obviously makes the statement in a tongue-in-cheek manner. That is, he isn’t being that serious. No one would actually nominate a city for an Academy Award.

Even so, the Bay Area has been getting a lot of love lately, albeit harmful, population-decimating love. That’s why Pixels director Chris Columbus featured it so heavily, in both the film and the promotional materials:

“We wanted to show that the movie has a global feeling. San Francisco is untouched in the movie. I’ll never get a chance to destroy the Golden Gate Bridge or shoot an action scene because there’s been too many of them,” he said. “(San Francisco) is one of the most — if not the most — beautiful places on the planet. It inspires filmmakers. It inspired me when I did [Mrs.Doubtfire]. … It was a love letter to San Francisco. But now it’s like, let’s see how we can destroy San Francisco.”

D’aww, that’s so sweet, Chris. Now I’m curious about what other stars whose recent tentpoles featured the city so heavily would say about San Francisco. Does Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have enough love in him to nominate the city by the bay? Does Arnold Schwarzenegger? Does Pac-Man?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)