Seth Rogen Recalls The Insanity Of Shooting ‘The Interview’ With A Live Tiger

The Interview was quite the experience from start to finish with its production and release. Seth Rogen did not have a fun time with the film, mostly due to the whole North Korean response and need for security before the film was released. The saga of the film was well documented, with numerous alleged connections to the Sony hack and other stunts related to the Asian dictatorship.

But one thing that was covered on the bonus features to The Interview Blu-Ray — which I assume one or two people bought — and is getting revived thanks to Graham Norton is the story of Rogen and the Toronto Tiger. Not only did the movie use a real tiger for a scene in the film, but it was apparently a bad idea all around according to the tiger trainers on hand.

Having the shoot at night, in an open field, and in the rain was apparently a bad combination for shooting the tiger scene. At least “30-40% more dangerous” according to Rogen, enjoying his drink on the latest episode of The Graham Norton Show.

Imagine how high that tiger might’ve gotten if he had gotten his teeth on Rogen? I think I would likely be high or medicated at some level if I had to face a live tiger during a scene. At least the film got released in the end. Putting yourself on the line like that would’ve sucked, even if part of the issue was the existence of the film itself. You can check out the behind the scenes bit from the Blu Ray over here thanks to Entertainment Weekly.

(Via Graham Norton / Entertainment Weekly)