An Actual Bus Driver Critiqued The Bus Fight In ‘Shang-Chi’ And Hilariously Noted The Several Times He Would’ve Just Hit The Brakes

Not long into Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, a badass Jackie Chan-esque fight scene breaks out on a bus where audiences and, a stunned Awkwafina, learn for the first time that Simu Liu‘s title character can freaking throw down. It’s easily one of the best action scenes Marvel has ever produced, as the impressive sequence combines a full-on brawl with a runaway transit vehicle. However, it’s that last part that’s been blowing up after Shang-Chi hit Disney+ over the weekend.

Following the film’s streaming release, an actual bus driver laid down a viral thread where he fact-checked the fight scene and added some hilarious commentary that Disney should immediately snatch up and put on the Blu-ray release. This thing had everything from a lesson to how many brakes are on a public transit vehicle (spoiler: a lot) as well as the importance of mirrors.

Right out of the gate, Marvel gets props for the authenticity of the vehicle, but the driver can’t help but notice that this particular bus is way off route.

In what will become a recurring theme, the driver says that as soon as the first punch is thrown, he would’ve already been hitting the brakes and shutting these shenanigans down. As for passengers just sitting there filming the whole thing? Painfully real.

Oh, but the sword dude cut the brakes? There are still more brakes to hit immediately.

In fact, here’s a whole lesson on air brake systems. Enjoy.

The driver also dinged the driver in the movie for not using his mirror and looking back at the fight. Although, in his defense, it was a pretty sick fight.

Once again, mirrors are your friend, so of course, our hero uses them! Also, haha, more passenger humor.

Awkwafina was doing a great job operating the runaway bus — until she wasn’t. Mirrors! Mirrors, people.

After our heroes successfully bring the bus in for a landing, the driver in the film is almost definitely fired. But don’t worry, he’ll land on his feet, and more importantly, he’s learned a valuable lesson. When a superhero fight breaks out on your route, hit the damn brakes.

(Via Mack, yes, That Mack on Twitter)