Shia LaBeouf Claimed To Be A National Guard Member During His Latest Arrest

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Last Friday evening, Shia LaBeouf was arrested for very public intoxication in Austin. This was the latest debacle for an actor who was once considered only for his talents, but sadly, he’s become better known for his method acting stunts and violent public outbursts.

More details from the arrest have filtered out, and it seems that Labeouf’s method-acting madness from Fury may have stuck around in his psyche. Earlier this summer, he ran around Mount Rushmore while shouting patriotic statements. Now the New York Daily News says Labeouf believed he was a National Guard member during his latest arrest:

“While speaking with Sgt. Jelesijevic, LaBeouf stated that if stopped by Los Angeles Police Department he typically walks away because Police had killed a friend of his,” according to the affidavit. “And he became increasingly confrontational, aggravated, profane and verbally aggressive with Sgt. Jelesijevic throughout the stop, calling him a ‘silly man’ three times.”

The 29-year-old actor claimed he was a National Guard member and told the officer he needed to “do whatever the f*ck you gotta do!” the affidavit reads.

A witness said LaBeouf “lost his cool” during the arrest and started “puffing out his chest” to make an impression upon a gawking bystander. He kept “staring intently” at the attending officers, and the situation escalated. It’s quite clear that alcohol and LaBeouf do not mix.

Shia rarely makes public statements after his periodic public outbursts, but he did cryptically take to Twitter on Monday with a disconcerting few words.

(Via New York Daily News)