Simon Pegg Is Handy With The Murder In The Red Band Trailer For ‘Kill Me Three Times’

Simon Pegg’s familiar roles from Edgar Wright’s body of work usually tend to lean towards to the “everyman thrust into extraordinary circumstances” category. Hot Fuzz is an exception, sure, but he’s still the good guy and I’m trying to counter his role in this trailer. It’s still Simon Pegg, he’s still got that smarmy bit of humor oozing out, but he’s cold hearted. He shooting people in the head, holding hostages, and generally being a despicable hit man. Luckily he’s not the only one.

Kill Me Three Times is the newest from Australian director Kriv Stenders and it features Pegg as a hitman that falls into a mess of death and questionable morals after being hired to take out a wealthy man’s wife. At least that’s what I take from a short synopsis and the trailer.

I’m always fooled by films like this, but I do like seeing Pegg as a full bore murderer. He’s had a weird go in movies that aren’t Star Trek or part of the Cornetto trilogy, especially with some of his recent efforts. I’d like to see him in something along these lines, even if other movies have done it better. Things at least look promising from the trailer.

(Via Yahoo Movies / Badass Digest)