Simon Pegg Quit Writing ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Three Different Times

Writing a major studio franchise is a lot of pressure. If the movie bombs, you’ll get blamed, by the studio, by fans, and by critics, and the pressure is only more intense if you love the franchise in question. So, yeah, Simon Pegg nearly bailed on writing Star Trek Beyond a few times.

Pegg’s currently promoting his romantic comedy Man Up, and as a result, is mostly being asked questions about Star Trek. Talking about the writing process, Pegg had this to say:

Funny, I remember there was a line in Spaced about certainty. I said, ‘As sure as eggs is eggs, as sure as day follows night, as sure as every odd-numbered Star Trek movie is shit …’ – and I am now writing Star Trek 13. I quit like three times, I think. Every time, J. J. Abrams said, ‘Oh come on, Simon …’

At least he now has a breakdancing Idris Elba to relieve his anxiety. Really, between Idris’ dancing and his unparalleled motivational speaking skills, any rewrites for this movie should be a snap.

(via Sydney Morning Herald)