Someone Hid A Summary Of The ‘Die Hard’ Films In Jeb Bush’s Website

jeb bush john mcclane
Getty/20th Century Fox

In a world where too many people are vying for the 2016 GOP ticket, one man stands above all others. He’s only a rugged New York City cop who hates the West Coast, loves the bottle, and doesn’t give a damn about his ki… wait. What? That’s Die Hard‘s John McClane, not former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

Even so, maybe the presidential hopeful (or one of his campaign workers) wishes it were the other way around, because Jeremy Bowers of the New York Times noticed something pretty interesting in the back end of Bush’s campaign website… a summary of every Die Hard film.

Bowers tweeted the above screenshot on Monday, but the A.V. Club and others took notice on Tuesday. The summaries, which were encoded in the “About Jeb” section, detailed just about every damn thing there was to know about the Bruce Willis action movies. Hell, they spoiled the endings, too.

Kudos to the Bush campaign intern who decided to include this little joke. However, you made a very important mistake: You included Live Free or Die Hard and A Good Day to Die Hard in the mix. Apparently, you didn’t know that it’s actually called the Die Hard Trilogy, and that those other two films don’t exist.

Back to the balloons for you.

(Via A.V. Club)