These Are The ‘Spaceballs 2’ Posters You’re Looking For

When you’re the comedy genius behind The Producers, Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, and History of the World, Part I, you can do whatever you want, including explicitly say that the only reason you’d make a sequel to Spaceballs is for the money. Last year, the great Mel Brooks told Adam Carolla, “And I’m thinking now, if I said, if I did a movie that came out right after Star Wars comes out, you know, maybe a couple of months later, Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money, I’d have a big weekend, you know, no matter what, even if it fell on its ass and you know, didn’t get that money back.”

Well, it’s been a couple months since The Force Awakens came out, with Rogue One right around the corner, and still no word of Spaceballs 2. But that hasn’t stopped fans of Brooks’ sci-fi spoof from stirring up excitement for the non-existent sequel by hanging posters around New York City.

Lord Dark Helmet, well, dark helmet is front and center on the poster, because that’s the only way Spaceballs 2 could happen. Brooks has said that there’s no movie without Rick Moranis. “I’ve got the helmet in storage,” he teased, “just waiting for him.” The director of Big Bully, another Moranis classic, has also been keeping Tom Arnold in that same storage closet, just in case, but dude’s picky about his roles.