The Animated ‘Spider-Man’ Movie Has Found Its Miles Morales

While Spider-Man: Homecoming and the arrival of Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting all the attention, Sony is also giving fans the other Spider-Man they want, Miles Morales, in animated form. And it took a fairly big step today by announcing one of the stars of Netflix’s The Get Down, Shameik Moore, as Miles’ voice, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Moore, of course, is Shaolin Fantastic (a.k.a. Curtis Anderson) on The Get Down, and is a pretty good fit for Morales. Morales became the Spider-Man of an alternate Marvel continuity after Peter Parker died there, in the classic style of and was recently brought into the main Marvel universe alongside an older, albeit still somewhat immature, Peter Parker. The cartoon, though, won’t be connected to the MCU or Sony’s other Spider-movies; instead, it’s written by Phil Lord and Chris Miller and will focus entirely on Miles.

Also announced at the same time is Liev Schreiber returning to the supervillain fold as the main villain of the movie, which has yet to be revealed. Schreiber likely won’t be playing Sabertooth again, but, hey, maybe he can get close and play Kraven The Hunter. We’ll see once this animated Spidey gets a release date.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)