‘Star Trek Beyond’ Director Justin Lin Confirmed The Sequel’s New Title On Twitter

The official title for Star Trek 3 seems to have been known by many for weeks now, but earlier today, director Justin Lin did his part to confirm the rumor to the masses. Lin killed two birds with one proverbial stone as he not only publicly referred to the movie as Star Trek Beyond on Twitter, but also supplied the first look into the film:

To be honest, Star Trek Beyond lacks a bit of panache, but no matter how boring the title may sound, it’s still better than Star Trek Into Darkness…or say…the title for the next Guardians Of The Galaxy movie. So far, details for the new film are a bit sparse, but we do know the story will follow the Enterprise crew on their five-year mission. With Simon Pegg and Doug Jung penning the script, the new film could deliver all sorts of surprises. Let’s not forget the addition of Idris Elba as the film’s big bad.

Star Trek Beyond is scheduled to open on July 8, 2016, which will coincide with the original series’ 50th anniversary.

(Via /Film)