Breakdancing Idris Elba Wants You To Win A Role In ‘Star Trek Beyond’

Star Wars: The Force Awakens was the belle of the Comic-Con ball. But did it have Idris Elba breakdancing in shorts? Didn’t think so. Omaze has teamed with Star Trek: Beyond for a “truly once-in-a-lifetime experience to Star Trek fans around the world,” according to co-CEO Ryan Cummins. With a $10 donation to charity (though you’re able to give up to $100,000), you and a friend are entered into a contest to “make franchise history as the first fans ever to win walk on roles in a Star Trek movie. You’ll fly to the closed set of Star Trek Beyond and hang with the cast before hair, makeup, and wardrobe get you into character.” Also, breakdancing Stringer Bell.

To see how you can FINALLY go out in public as a Tellarite, Omaze has you covered.