A New ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Spot Shows Off Finn’s Aim

This latest brief spot for Star Wars: The Force Awakens happens to confirm a rumor that was floating around; it appears that Finn and Rey are the ones flying through that crashed Star Destroyer in the Millennium Falcon after all, and that Finn will be spending a lot of time with Han Solo. We also see more of Poe Dameron’s squad in action, including a nice nod to past Star Wars continuity with a Sullustan X-Wing pilot, apparently played by the same actor who was Lando’s sidekick.

Speaking of aliens, we get our first glance at Maz Kanata, who’s only appeared in vocal form so far, in this bit of footage from Disney XD. Look fast at the 15-second mark:

Missed it? Here’s a still of the mystical Yoda stand-in:

We say “Yoda stand-in” because it sure looks a lot like Kanata either provides Finn with his lightsaber or gives him the push he needs to flip it on, at least. Of course, this is immediately followed by a trooper pulling out a club that can somehow fight a lightsaber, so we’re guessing things get a little rocky for Finn. We’ll find out in just two short weeks.

(via Polygon)