Disney’s New Line Of ‘Star Wars’ Prop Replicas Will Take Your Money To A Galaxy Far, Far Away

06.01.16 3 years ago 4 Comments

Got some empty shelf space and spending cash crying out to be consumed by something nerdy? Well, prepare for some seriously frivolous spending, because Disney has just launched their own line of high-end, super-accurate Star Wars replica props. In the past, these kind of props would have come from a third party, and may have lacked somewhat in the accuracy department, but these collectibles are being made by the PropShop at Pinewood Studios, which created all the real props for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

You can get a look at the props and learn how they’re being made in the video above. Scroll on down for some more detailed pics.



Darth Vader’s melted helmet is obviously the crown jewel of the collection, and comes with an appropriately kingly price tag – a whopping $3,500.



Meanwhile, Kylo Ren’s helmet is a more reasonable $2,000.



Chewbacca’s Bowcaster. Don’t carry this one around outside the house unless you want trouble. $2,500.



Rey’s lightsaber hilt. Sadly it doesn’t come with the blade, because, uh, those don’t actually exist. Still cool, though! $1,250.

You can check out more pieces from the Star Wars Collectibles: Ultimate Studio Edition collection right here. If you’re thinking of buying, you’re going to want to get on it quick, because some of the pieces (including the melted Vader helmet) are extremely limited editions.

(via io9)

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