The New ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ Trailer Is Somehow Even Better With Icelandic Soccer Commentary

Portugal may have won Euro 2016, but it is Iceland who walked away the world’s favorite team. Despite having roughly 250,000 less people than the least populated U.S. state (Wyoming), Iceland managed to draw the eventual champions in their opening match, beat Austria, and most shockingly, upset England in the knockout stage of the event in one of the biggest sports shockers of the year.

Along with their inspiring effort on the pitch though, Iceland also won the world’s hearts with their amazing chant and their overly-excitable commentator, who freaked the hell out when the team qualified for the knockout round, and then doubled down when Iceland shocked England.

With the recent release of the latest trailer for “Star Wars: Rogue One,” comedian and Twitter user David Schneider thought it would be a perfect fit to mash up the commentary of Icelandic soccer team with Star Wars, and the results are incredible.

Can we understand anything he is saying? No, we cannot, but his excitement is palpable, I’m willing to bet most Star Wars nerds had a very similar reaction to the “YEEEAAAAHHH!!!!!”noise that the he made when Darth Freaking Vader showed up in the trailer, so it really works perfectly.

(Via David Schneider)

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