‘Star Wars’ Meets ‘Winnie The Pooh’ In ‘Wookie The Chew’

Disney has combined a lot of their properties over the years, but they’ve never thought to bring together Winnie the Pooh and Star Wars. Fortunately, James Hance is there to do it for them in a delightful little art series.

Hance is well known for his hand-painted Star Wars art, available on Etsy. But he recently took a different tack with his work, which is usually finely detailed black-and-white portraiture, in an art series he calls Wookie the Chew.

Yep, that’s Chewie as Pooh and Han as Christopher Robin, with R2 filling in for Piglet and a very grumpy AT-AT walker filling in for Eeyore. To be fair, the AT-AT probably has more to be gloomy about than Eeyore. Nobody’s winding a cable around his legs and trying to make Eeyore trip, after all.

Unfortunately, the current run of this series is sold out, although you can still get the t-shirts, which have alternate versions and even expand on some of the ideas a bit. Let’s just say that Wookie the Chew doesn’t get stuck in just any hollow. And who knows? Maybe inspiration will strike for Disney and we’ll see this in motion. Hey, we’d buy a ticket.

(Via Etsy)