The Trailer For Alex Gibney’s New Documentary About Steve Jobs Is Brutally Honest And Riveting

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Alex Gibney has already blown the lid off the Church of Scientology with Going Clear earlier this year, and now, after a well-received turn at SXSW, he’s taking on Steve Jobs. The upcoming documentary, Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine, will debut in theaters and on streaming video services on September 4, and while there are few secrets left about “the man” himself, this seems like it will be a very honest and raw look at Jobs.

Everyone knew that Jobs was not perfect, by any means: He sold out his friend, Steve Wozniak, he denied his own daughter, he was generally mean to people, etc. The true hurdle will be can this new documentary overpower the fictional takes on Jobs’ life by being 100 percent real? But mostly — could an expose like this on one man be as chilling as Going Clear was? Maybe we should ask Lance Armstrong, whom Gibney has also taken on. Though now, Jobs isn’t around to defend himself.

One thing is for certain: We’re going to see Steve Jobs in a way that he was probably hoping you didn’t, but we’ll all still think he’s a genius.

(via Mashable)