The ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer Set To DC’s Cartoons Is Almost Better Than The Real Thing

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The Suicide Squad are getting their first live-action crack at the big screen this August. But well before the movie came along, the squad was all over the DC animated universe. So, of course, someone just had to cut together a version of the trailer with the DCAU, and you might be surprised by how well it comes together.

This trailer pulls from across the cartoons, from the Justice League Unlimited episode where they were called “Task Force X” to an unexpected cameo from the Batman animated series that we won’t spoil here. Sadly missing here is Batman: Assault On Arkham, which takes place in the Batman: Arkham game universe and which, despite the title, is very much a Suicide Squad movie. But this lines up so perfectly in places you won’t even miss it, and you do have to love a trailer parody that dives this deep into the shows.

Of course, this also makes you wonder if they could ever do a Suicide Squad cartoon, although the comic book’s tendency to kill off cast members would make it more for adults than kids. Presumably one doesn’t want 8-year-olds discussing how a scrub like Sidearm got shot in the face in the recess yard.

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