You Can Watch The ‘Super Troopers 2’ Teaser Trailer Right Meow

Super Troopers wasn’t a huge hit when it was released in 2001 — it only made $23 million at the box office — but the comedy became a cult classic thanks to strong DVD sales and an Anchorman-level of quotability. You can find at least one student who knows the entire “meow” scene in every college in America. Now, over a decade-and-a-half after the original, Super Troopers is getting a fan-funded sequel with a “very obvious” release date: April 20, 2018.

Super Troopers 2 brings back the Broken Lizard gang — Jay Chandrasekhar (Thorny), Kevin Heffernan (Farva), Steve Lemme (Mac), Paul Soter (Foster), and Erik Stolhanske (Rabbit), as well as the wonderful Brian Cox — for more shenanigans (did someone say shenanigans?) and cheekiness. The teaser above doesn’t reveal anything about the plot, although it does feature Rabbit getting his privates shaved. So, yeah, very little’s changed since the first film.

“The Super Troopers 2 release date has been set: 4.20.2018. For some reason the studio was high on that date,” Broken Lizard wrote in the teaser announcement. “We’re excited. Now you have plenty of time to clear your schedule, assemble your buddies, and pre-game before that first midnight screening. Don’t worry, like many previews do, we aren’t revealing all the jokes from the movie. Down the road, we’ll release a more proper, full-length trailer that does that. For now… Enjoy!” Preferably with a liter of cola.