Nothing Will Ever Top This Magical ‘Teen Witch’ Cast Reunion

Teen Witch isn’t just a movie, it’s an institution, a film that has held up for over 25 years because of its relatable (if ridiculous) story, its memorable characters, and its songs. “Top That,” a rap number that was shoehorned in after production was over, has become a cultural phenomenon that will never be stopped (fight me if you disagree). Nothing is more magical than the actual movie, however, than all of its stars getting back together to celebrate their friendship and gossip about Kiki (who was suspiciously absent).

The photo was posted to Twitter by Robyn Lively, and if you don’t gasp as soon as you see it, it’s because you obviously haven’t watched the film enough times or not seen it recently. This is legendary (for fans of the film, which you should all be).

Man, how does Randa stay looking so young? Perhaps she’s the real witch, after all! And fun fact: despite Louise getting Brad at the end of the film, it’s Randa who ended up marrying him in 1990, shortly after the production ended.

In addition, Lively also posted a photo of her and Mandy Ingber, celebrity yoga instructor, author, and probably the most successful person from the film, if not the most proficient rapper.

These people are truly having their finest hour! How long before we can get them to agree to do DVD commentary on the film? Or at least get Ingber to say “look at how funky he is” before launching into the rap as she remembers it!