That Final Scene In ‘Dirty Dancing’ Without The Music Is Incredibly Awkward

True Story. One time in college, I was about to start on a huge project and went down to the kitchen first to get a glass of water, and found one of my housemates settling in to watch Dirty Dancing — which had just started about 15 minutes prior. I sat down planning to watch to the next commercial and ended up watching the entire movie. It was playing on TNT or one of those cable networks, so immediately after the movie they played an encore presentation. Well, I thought, I might as well watch the 15 minutes I missed. I then proceeded to watch Dirty Dancing all the way through a second time.

That is how much I guiltily enjoy the movie Dirty Dancing. So this clip of the final scene of Dirty Dancing without “Time of my Life” just ruined Dirty Dancing for me. Thanks a lot, Internet.