‘The Equalizer 3’: Everything We Know So Far Including The Release Date And Trailer

After a brief hiatus from Robert McCall, Denzel Washington is back in action as the former government hitman in the upcoming crime thriller The Equalizer 3, though things look a bit different than the last time we checked in on him back in The Equalizer 2 in 2018. Now he’s “retired.” Allegedly!

The threequel will bring back Washington as he grapples with his past crimes and comes to terms with the fact that you can’t really ever leave your life of crime behind. This is proven time and time again. Not even the picturesque Italian countryside can help this live peacefully! Here is everything we know about the upcoming thriller.


Equalizer 3 will bring Denzel & Co. to the Almafi coast, where he’s been residing after giving up his life as an assassin. Though things clearly don’t ever go as planned. According to the official synopsis:

Since giving up his life as a government assassin, Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) has struggled to reconcile the horrific things he’s done in the past and finds a strange solace in serving justice on behalf of the oppressed. Finding himself surprisingly at home in Southern Italy, he discovers his new friends are under the control of local crime bosses. As events turn deadly, McCall knows what he has to do: become his friends’ protector by taking on the mafia.


The movie will reunite Man On Fire co-stars Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning almost 20 years after the two first worked together. Fanning will star as a young CIA agent who assists Washington when there is a crime spike in the area.

Of the reunion, director Antoine Fuqua told Empire, “It was so beautiful to watch them together on the set, just talking, laughing. And they’re both so talented, they just get into it, they didn’t skip a beat. What was weird for me looking through the lens and seeing Dakota as a grown-up!” The movie also stars David Denman, Sonia Ammar, and Eugenio Mastrandrea.

Release Date

The movie will hit theaters on September 1st, just in time for Labor Day.