The ‘Footloose’ Warehouse Dance Without Music Looks Completely Insane

Well, this would be a weird thing to come across in the wee hours of the morning. YouTube user Mix Minus did us all a favor and took the music out of the famous warehouse dance scene from Footloose, the one where Kevin Bacon is so seethingly angry that he can’t do anything with himself but dance, dance, dance it all out. Well, the final product is… my grandmother has used the word “cokey” to describe the way Mick Jagger dances, and it’s an appropriate word here.

Bacon looks like he’s turning into a werewolf or a cannibal serial killer by the time this video is over. The “realistic audio” doesn’t help his case, either. What’s he seeing in his head that’s making him do this, and why doesn’t he stop?

It’s awesome. Almost as awesome as the homage to the same scene in Hot Rod. Almost.

Source: Daily Dot