The Gun-Heavy Ads For Blumhouse’s ‘The Hunt’ Are Being Pulled In The Wake Of The Recent Mass Shootings

Universal Pictures

In the wake of a weekend that saw two separate mass shootings — plus an altercation at another Walmart, this one in Louisiana, that thankfully ended before it turned deadly — many people are on edge, a little sensitive, perhaps not so game for violent entertainment. That’s why, as per The Hollywood Reporter, some ads are being pulled for The Hunt, a forthcoming satirical thriller in which wealthy elites hunt MAGA types for sport.

The Hunt, due September 27, hails from Blumhouse, the horror/genre studio that’s made bank with the Paranormal Activity cycle, last year’s Halloween, plus mega-successful award-gobbler Get Out. This one sounds more in line with the Purge series, with its blend of politics and violence, as well as its respectable cast list, including two-time Oscar-winner Hilary Swank, Betty Gilpin, Emma Roberts, and Glenn Howerton. (The original title, incidentally, was Red State Vs. Blue State.)

Over the weekend, as news flooded in from El Paso and Dayton, ESPN reportedly pulled a Hunt ad, although AMC wound up running one during Preacher. ESPN has said no ads for the film will be running in the coming weeks. Blumhouse and Universal, who distribute the company’s films in theaters, have not commented on it, though sources claim the companies are reworking their advertisement plan in the wake of the tragedies.

(Via THR)