‘The Mist,’ Stephen King’s Best Adaptation, Will Finally Get A TV Series

Everyone, try to remain calm; The Mist will be coming soon to television. As fans of Stephen King’s source material know, this is one of his most intriguing reads due to its combination of small town politics and characters and sci-fi alien bugs who are lethal in every sense of the word. Deadline reports The Weinstein Company’s Dimension Television will be helming the series (of course with the “must have” blessing from King himself) along with writer Christian Torpe (creator of Danish series Rita).

According to Deadline, The Mist will be an original story focusing on a group of people who must face an unexplainable mist that creeps into town. Within this mist lies horrors of all kinds, from tangible bug aliens that come from another dimension to psychological infections that will surely make our core group question not only the situation they are in, but the people around them. Bob Weinstein also had some more comments for Deadline on the series:

“The terror and drama in Stephen King’s novella are so vast that we felt serialized television is the best place to explore them in greater depth. With this show, Christian has created a fascinating band of characters and a story with infinite scares.”

It’s exciting to see stories like this recognized by Hollywood. They are known for beating the same series and sequels into the ground, but this is one to get behind. The reason being the storyline is a combination of stories, really. At its heart, it is an examination of community in turbulent times and how the members of that community respond to each other during stress (stress being an understated term for alien bugs and portals ruining everything). And Frank Darabont’s film adaptation, King’s best brought to screen, holds the political conscious plot points high and allows them to run free, ending up in bloodshed and sadness.

The clock is ticking. Bring on the bugs. But for now, enjoy Darabont’s hard fight for an ending.

Spoilers (kind of) ahead… 

(Via Deadline)