The Official Dancing Baby Groot Will Be On Shelves For Christmas

Probably the single most popular scene in Guardians of the Galaxy was the adorable bit between Drax and baby Groot at the end of the movie. And Marvel, being a large corporation, is more than happy to oblige your desire to reenact it at $14.99 a pop.

Truth be told, the official dancing Groot revealed by Mashable is just a wee bit cheesy. Remember those “dancing” knickknacks that were just cloth pulled over a simple animatronic figure, that played a MIDI version of some pop song while it moved? That’s pretty much what this is, except it’s got Groot’s catchphrase on the front and does at least resemble the movie effect a little. And, hey, it does play the Jackson 5. That’s worth something right there.

I’m teasing, but to be completely honest, I have spent far more on comics stuff with far less utility. Heck, I’ve spent far more on less entertaining comics. That said, if you want one and can wait, we predict it’ll be a popular dollar item at yard sales a year from now.