Nostalgia Reigns Supreme In New Trailer For ‘The Peanuts Movie’

Features Writer
09.22.15 5 Comments

If you spend about five minutes on the internet, it becomes abundantly clear that nostalgia is king. If you can make people reminisce about the things of their youth and feel the cold grip of age, you’re going to have a hit.

The latest to capitalize on this is The Peanuts Movie, which resurrects Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the rest of the gang, now computer animated, but still wholesomely charming. We’ll see whether or not the movie will hit the sweet spot of appeasing rowdy kids while still being tolerable to their parents, but there is a good chance that the appeal of adults wanting to share something from their youth with their children will translate into a decent sized hit.

From the looks of this trailer, Charles Schulz’s classic pint-sized existential angst has been preserved in this adaptation. I don’t know about you, but wanting a clean slate when you’re approximately 8 years old is a rough way to live. Hopefully the dynamic duo of Snoopy and Woodstock will once again help Charlie loosen up and live a little. The film is set for a November 5 release, so it’ll probably be a fine way to spend a few hours when it’s too freaking cold to play outside.

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