The Rock Will Star In A Movie Adaptation Of The Video Game ‘Rampage’

the rock andres
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If the success of San Andreas proved anything, it’s that moviegoers will pay good money to see (and enjoy!) attractive people running away from and/or fighting against destruction. Okay, says New Line, but what if we got rid of Alexandra Daddario and Carla Gugino, and replaced them with a King Kong ring-off, some sort of off-brand Godzilla, and a fuzzy werewolf that makes Taylor Lautner seem threatening by comparison? Well, then you’ve got a totally necessary adaptation of the long-forgotten video game Rampage, starring The Rock.

New Line is bringing a live-action adaptation of popular ’80s video game Rampage to the big screen with Dwayne Johnson attached to star. The project reunites Johnson, New Line, and producer Beau Flynn…Based on the Midway Arcade Game, the script is being written by Ryan Engle (Non-Stop). There’s no director attached at this point. (Via)

I imagine every producer in Hollywood is in a contest to cast Dwayne Johnson in the most ridiculous project they can think of, and still have it be a huge hit. In the past three years, he’s journeyed to a mysterious island, snitched, retaliated, pained and gained, fought Jason Statham fast and furiously, ran away from earthquakes, and, um, played Hercules.

*movie trailer voice*

But in 2017, he’ll face his toughest challenge yet… not getting eaten by a giant monkey.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)