The ‘Uncharted’ Movie Brings On An Oscar-Winning Writer

Uncharted, on paper, is the ideal video game to bring to the big screen. All you really need to do is replace the main character with somebody who can anticipate an obvious plot twist and you’ve got a pretty good Indiana Jones movie. Nonetheless, it’s been taking a long time to get to screens, and Sony is bringing in an Oscar winner to polish up the script.

Specifically, the Hollywood Reporter states they’re hiring on Mark Boal, behind such fluff as The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty, to give the script a rewrite. Boal does actually have some blockbuster experience under his belt: He was a “script consultant” for After Earth, but don’t hold that against him.

Oddly, the movie appears to be having casting trouble. Mark Wahlberg was involved, but ultimately passed, Chris Pratt turned it down, and for some reason the studios refuse to consider Nathan Fillion for the role, even though the main selling point is going to be “Hey, kids, you like Indiana Jones movies?”

Sony wants to make this movie happen, so one way or the other, Nathan Drake is coming to screens. But it seems it might be a while before they have it cast. Hey, maybe they could team up with Marvel and offer a two-for-one deal, Nathan Drake and Doctor Strange.