Dig A Little Deeper And Catch The Things You Missed In The ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Trailer

How are you holding up in the wait for X-Men: Apocalypse? Hanging in there? May 27, 2016 still seems like a lifetime for some fans of the series, but at least there’s been a slick trailer to obsess over.

Discovering details in trailers is something geek detective extraordinaire Mr Sunday Movies has a knack for. (Reminder: His Jessica Jones guide is superb.) For a brisk four minutes, X-Men Apocalypse goes under the microscope in the hunt for easter eggs, references and possible clues. Since there’s chatter about possible plot developments, we encourage the spoiler squeamish to exercise their discretion.

This helpful bit of looky-loo provides a bluffer’s guide to Marvel mega-baddie Apocalypse, speculation on which character might be a goner this go-around and the revelation that James McAvoy has an unruly eyebrow that pulls focus. There’s also a grumble of disapproval over the lack of love for the ’80s era costumes. We hear you, dude.

This Bryan Singer directed blockbuster boasts a pretty stellar cast. Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Rose Byrne are among the talents set to grace the screen in varying levels of makeup and costumery next May.

For even more analysis on what’s to come with X-Men: Apocalypse, check out our guide on Gamma Squad.

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