This Chewbacca Hoodie Will Turn You Into A Walking Carpet

We Love Fine’s “I Am Chewie Hoodie” will transform the wearer into everyone’s favorite wookie, Chewbacca. For only $60, Star Wars super-fans can look like a giant walking carpet, and even if they don’t have Chewbacca’s insane wookie strength, they can at least be as hairy as a wookie.

The model that We Love Fine chose to show off the hoodie, though, is bound to cause some sexually confused feelings among fanboys and girls alike. So hairy, and so beautiful:

Unfortunately, We Love Fine is currently out of all sizes except small. The sizing chart has size specifications for S to XXL, so it is likely that larger sizes will eventually get re-stocked. Also, for those curious about the exact shade of Chewbacca’s fur, the color is coffee.

(Via We Love Fine)