Taika Waititi Reportedly Has Ideas For The ‘Thor 5’ Villain (If The Movie Even Happens)

Taika Waititi reportedly has ideas for where to take Thor 5, and it all comes down to finding a worthy villain.

The Marvel director, who’s already tackled two installments in the series (Ragnarok and Love and Thunder), has not been officially attached to the fifth film, but a new book reveals that Waititi is ready should the time come. According to a passage from the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder The Official Movie Special, Waititi wants to give the Norse god an opponent that has to be stronger than anything he’s faced before.

Via ScreenRant:

“What is left to do to him? It’s got to be something that feels like it’s carrying on with the evolution of the character, but still in a very fun way and still giving him things to come up against that feel like they’re building on the obstacles that he has to overcome. I don’t think we can have a villain that’s weaker than Hela. I feel like we need to step up from there and add a villain that’s somehow more formidable.”

Of course, there’s a big question mark around whether of Thor 5 will even happen and, with Waititi at the helm. Love and Thunder proved to be a divisive entry for fans, and Chris Hemsworth has expressed doubts about returning to the character. If the actor does do a fifth movie, he’s already signaled that it would have to be “drastically different” from his last two films with Waititi.

“I don’t know if I’m even invited back, but if I was, I think it would have to be a drastically different version in tone, everything, just for my own sanity,” Hemsworth told the Happy Sad Confused podcast with a laugh. “Thor lost his mind that last one. He’s got to figure it out now.”

(Via ScreenRant)