Tom Hanks And Ellen Have A Showdown As Their Iconic Pixar Characters

Tom Hanks is a delight, isn’t he? (Bold proclamation. We know.) It’s always nice when Hanks does a promo blitz, because he’s just loads of fun when he pops up on the chat show circuit. The Academy Award winning actor/Canadian football enthusiast added to his highlight reel this week when he visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Hanks and DeGeneres gave the world a fascinating “Pixar-off” which gave the world an idea of what might happen if Toy Story‘s Woody met up with this summer’s favorite memory-challenged blue tang fish. It’s recommended by Hanks that anyone enjoying this unlikely Pixar Cinematic Universe crossover close their eyes to get the full imagination experience, just like how a child might enjoy it. The Sully talent doesn’t rob the crowd when they close their eyes, so it’s not like an elaborate studio audience con game or anything. Just good advice.

“Buzz, Andy — look at this fish that’s right here!” exclaims a Woody channeling Hanks. “Shouldn’t we get you back into the aquarium back in Andy’s room?!”

Of course, DeGeneres more than holds up her end of the bargain leaning hard into Dory mode. It’s almost as if these two are professional entertainers or something. We have this remarkable charming meeting of Pixar icons nestled above. Come for the characters, stay for some interesting insight into how voice acting is approached for these animated classics.