New Information About Tom Sizemore’s Alleged Sexual Assault Of A Minor Revealed In Uncovered Police Report

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Earlier this week, Saving Private Ryan actor Tom Sizemore was the latest man in Hollywood accused of sexual assault, this time involving an 11-year-old girl. While on the set of 2003’s Born Killers, Sizemore allegedly touched the genitals of the young actress playing his daughter. While the girl’s parents reported the incident to the police and notified production, they ended up not pressing charges.

On Friday, The Hollywood Reporter (via the Salt Lake City Tribune) uncovered the police report from back in 2003, and the details are honestly horrifying.

In the report, the victim’s mother told police that her daughter informed her Sizemore attempted to kiss her more than once during the shoot for the film. The girl also described an incident in which he placed his upturned palm underneath her bottom when she sat down next to him during a still photo session, in which she played his daughter. At the time of this shoot, according to the police report, Sizemore lifted his fingers while she was sitting on his hand, “causing pressure on her vagina.” The narrative adds: “She said she squirmed away, and he moved his hand with her. She said he then curled up his fingers, and pushed them into the area of her ‘vaginal hole.'” This occurred over her clothes.

According to this report, Sizemore, who was fired from the production following the allegations but later rejoined the set for reshoots, sued the production company during the investigation. Sizemore was also not interviewed as a part of the investigation. Additionally, the police did not corroborate the girl’s story with a number of people who were on set that day, only interviewing her handler who claimed not to notice anything inappropriate happening.

Eventually, the girl’s parents decided not to press charges, and the case was “declined for prosecution due to witness and evidence problems.” However, the former actress, now in her twenties, is now pursuing charges against both Sizemore and her parents. Following the initial reports, Sizemore tweeted out a brief denial.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)