‘Toy Story 4’ Found The Voice Of Forky By Using ‘Arrested Development’ Clips


Is Forky is the most important character in cinematic history?

I haven’t actually seen Toy Story 4 yet, but yes, yes he is. It’s an anxious talking spork who wants nothing more than to feel the sweet embrace of death — what’s not to love? Also, he’s voiced by Tony Hale and, as Veep and Arrested Development viewers are well aware, Tony Hale makes everything better. It sounds like the higher-ups at Pixar are fans of his work, too, considering they used clips from both shows to convince Hale to join the fourth Toy Story film.

“I was so astonished that I was even there,” Hale told CinemaBlend about visiting Pixar for the first time. “I don’t really remember that first meeting. I remember talking through Forky and I also remember they took clips from Arrested Development and clips from Veep and put it in animated Forky just to kind of see how he would react.” Much has been made about Keanu Reeves “striking poses” while auditioning to voice Canadian daredevil Duke Caboom, which someone was hopefully filming, but I would also love to see the Pixar edit of Forky screaming “I’M A MONSTER” as Buster. Maybe Forky wouldn’t be so quick to jump into garbage cans if he knew there was unlimited juice.

Toy Story 4 opens later this week.

(Via CinemaBlend)