You’ll Get To Watch The Cinematic Panic Attack That Is ‘Uncut Gems’ — Plus ‘Hereditary’ And ‘Ex Machina’ — On IMAX Screens Pretty Soon

If you saw Uncut Gems in theaters, perhaps you had yourself a fun little panic attack. It’s one of the most intense movies of recent years, following a devil-may-care gambling addict as he makes one doozy of a bet after another. Then, 135 increasingly wild minutes, it ends the only way it could. But are you a masochist who doesn’t think it wasn’t intense enough as is? If so, you’re in luck.

Per IndieWire, A24 — the little indie studio that’s going a little more Hollywood — has decided to up their game by re-releasing a handful of their bigger hits on the nation’s biggest screens. First out of the gate is Ex Machina, their brainy sci-fi about a humanoid robot (future Oscar-winner Alicia Vikander) who bewitches a programmer (Domhnall Gleeson) who should have known better, all while her creator (Oscar Isaac) busts some show-stopping moves.

Ex Machina will play March 27. A month later, on April 24, comes Hereditary, Ari Aster’s breakthrough, whose untold unsightly sights will seem even grislier when viewed on, say, the 97-feet-wide-by-76-feet-tall IMAX screen at NYC’s AMC Lincoln Square. May 22 brings Uncut Gems.

The Ex Machina date will precede an advance screening of Civil War, A24’s latest crossover gambit that will no doubt ease the anxieties of anyone obsessing over 2024 presidential polls and watching interviews of Trump supporters gleefully welcoming his promised dictatorship.

A24 is no stranger to IMAX. Aster’s Beau is Afraid played on the format. Ditto their reissue of Talking Heads’ top shelf concert movie Stop Making Sense.

The studio is promising more of their back catalog could wind up in IMAX, so the biggest screen treatment could be bestowed upon such titles as Spring Breakers, Under the Skin, The Witch, The Green Knight, and Everything Everywhere All at Once. Heck, put Moonlight, First Reformed or First Cow on IMAX screens.

(Via IndieWire)