‘Uptown Funk Newsies’ Is A Straight-Up Daymaker

Only two months ago, Beyoncé was teaching us how life is like a hurricane here in Duckburg. Now, another mashup is bringing back fond ’90s memories about shows we watched every time TBS aired them. (So, once a week, probably?) The year was 1992, and Christian Bale was about to leave child stardom behind to be an even bigger star as an adult, and Disney’s Newsies seemed to be the launching pad. I suppose there were other people in the movie, too, but come on. We weren’t watching Newsies to learn about union movements in 1899.

To that end, when we spotted this jaunty mashup on Tumblr we had to check if it was on YouTube, and it is. Now is a time to seize the day. Don’t believe me? Just watch.