‘Vacation Friends’ Is Such A Massive Hit For Hulu That They’ve Ordered A Sequel

Despite a fairly standard comedy premise—two very different couples meet on vacation, have a wild time together, then meet up again in their real, non-vacation mode lives—Hulu’s new movie Vacation Friends has been getting some pretty solid reviews.

Even our Vince Mancini, who admitted to being one of the film’s biggest skeptics, ultimately concluded that it was “against all odds, pretty damn fun.” Currently, the film holds a respectable 60 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes—whereas Step Brothersapproval rating is only 55 percent (proving, yet again, that people are stupid). Viewers, meanwhile, have been pressing play in record numbers, leading Hulu to already greenlight a sequel.

As Deadline reports, Vacation Friends has become Hulu’s “most-watched original film in its opening weekend”—a feat that led the streaming giant to bring writer-director Clay Tarver and the film’s four main stars (Lil Rey Howery, Yvonne Orji, John Cena, and Meredith Hagner) back for another go-around, currently titled Honeymoon Friends.

With the movie theater industry still in a state of flux due to COVID-19, Deadline, for one, thinks that the quick greenlight of Honeymoon Friends is a good sign for the film industry as a whole:

This is an encouraging sign as the team at 20th Century Studios ramps up its slate of films for the company’s streaming services. The Disney-owned studio led by Steve Asbell has a number of features in the works that will stream as Hulu Originals in the U.S. and as Star Originals on Disney+ internationally including the suspense thriller No Exit, The Princess starring Joey King, and the Shakespeare-inspired romantic comedy Rosaline starring Kaitlyn Dever.

Can we already predict where Honeymoon Friends will go, narratively? Yes. Does it really matter? Not really—it’s happening with or without your “I do.”

(Via Deadline)