Joaquin Phoenix Dies Inside Every Time He Does An Interview, As Evidenced By This Video

A few weeks ago Joaquin Phoenix made a couple of bizarre appearances while promoting Inherent Vice. First on The Late Show With David Letterman, he told a story about being engaged to a yoga instructor, and then the next morning, looking disheveled, he recanted the story during a bizarre interview with Kelly and Michael. One might go so far as to get the impression that Joaquin Phoenix A) really enjoys screwing with people because B) he really does not like having to give televised interviews.

It wasn’t until I saw this edit of Phoenix’s Kelly and Michael interview, however, brilliantly created by Evan Puschak on YouTube, that things really started to make sense. It succinctly helps to illustrate the way Joaquin Phoenix’s soul just slowly crumbles apart every time he’s faced with a studio audience and smiling talk show hosts. You don’t even know how real the struggle is.

(Via Reddit)