You Can Now Watch The First Five Minutes Of Scarlett Johansson’s ‘Ghost In The Shell’ And A Clip

Ghost In The Shell opens March 31st, and Paramount has been dropping promos all over the place — from the first trailer, a Superbowl spot, the second trailer, a clip, a featurette , and a viral campaign that backfired (whoopsidoodle) — and now they’ve gone all out by releasing the beginning of the movie, the “water fight” clip teased in the Superbowl spot, and several new featurettes and TV spots.

The opening of the film is above, and Paramount seems to be very confident in their product in showing so much of it. Here’s even more, in the guise of Scarlett Johansson’s Major majorly beating down a suspect while camouflaged then not camouflaged because, come in, if you have Scarlett Johansson in your movie you don’t keep her off screen for long.

And if you’re wondering how they made that suit she’s wearing, Paramount also released a featurette about only that:

They also debuted a featurette about Section 9, the task force the Major is leading:

And a featurette about the art of the film:

And now, Scarlett Johansson asks, “How many fingers am I holding up?”

And finally, Paramount released a promo and poster for Michael Pitt’s villain, Kuze, whom director Rupert Sanders has described as an amalgamation of more than one villain (we’re guessing The Puppeteer and The Laughing Man).

I wonder if fridge magnets stick to him.

(Via Paramount, CBM, We Got This Covered, and Paramount UK)