The First ‘Z For Zachariah’ Trailer Has Chris Pine And Chiwetel Ejiofor Fighting Over Margot Robbie

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06.05.15 4 Comments

Let’s see here, Margot Robbie is the last woman on Earth, and she has a hard time choosing between shagging Chris Pine and Chiwetel Ejiofor? And both of them want to win out in that particular decision? Damn these science fiction movies and their illogical plots!

Joking aside, this adaptation of the ’70s SF novel does take a few liberties: Chris Pine’s sexy drifter doesn’t show up in the book. But it looks like the movie builds a rather tense thriller out of some logical circumstances; if it really is the end of the world, and it really does come down to these being the last people for miles, of course things are going to turn into a postapocalyptic Marry, Boff, Kill.

Z for Zachariah will be in theaters August 21. Until then, let’s discuss why only the beautiful seem to survive the apocalypse.

(Via Quiet Earth)

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