Zac Efron Probably Hurt A Lot Of ‘High School Musical’ Fans With This Interview

Zac Efron is out there promoting his new DJ film We Are Your Friends with Max Joseph and Emily Ratajkowski, sitting through the slog of the interviews that come with the profession and answering questions about almost everything under the sun. This particular interview from Cosmopolitan brings out the “name that tune” type of questions, which I’m sure is a hoot during a long interview period. They name a few tunes, but Efron seems to have some trouble pegging down some songs from his past performances in the High School Musical series.

This surely sounds mundane and silly to the normal folks out there, but this might be world crushing to a High School Musical fan (they still exist). To those poor souls — likely still reeling from the One Direction break up and word that Kermit broke up with Miss Piggy — this is their Prince Charming forgetting where he came from. Tossing off that Disney shroud completely to enter a world they don’t understand.

It happened to Shia Labeouf, it happened to Miley Cyrus, it happened to Hilary Duff, and now it’s happened to Zac Efron. Who’s next? And what terrible development awaits? For the rest of us, we’re too busy pretending we wouldn’t bring up that Emily Ratajkowski was naked in the “Blurred Lines” video. That’s why I’m a trashfire of a human being and not a Disney charmer.

(Via People)