Sloths Run The DMV In The Fun New Trailer For Disney’s ‘Zootopia’

Being childless, I’m usually not one to get super excited about new Disney animation, but talking animals doing people things are sorta my bag. Disney promises to take the concept to new levels in Zootopia, in which directors Byron Howard (Tangled) and Rich Moore (Wreck-it-Ralph) imagine an entire city populated by walking, talking furry things. Ginnifer Goodwin voices office Judy Hopps, a police rabbit, who teams up with Nick Wilde, a con artist fox voiced by Jason Bateman, to solve a crime.

Zootopia, however, seems to be more about world-building than story, as showcased in this new trailer featuring a lengthy sequence set in Zootopia‘s DMV, which is, wouldn’t you know it, staffed entirely by sloths. With Pixar these days more focused on giving us indie wondercore and trailers that could double as Imagine Dragons videos, I’m kind of into this silly-clever turn Disney seems to be taking. See, guys? It’s okay to start small and work up to life affirming.

That said, these sloths seem way too nice to work at the DMV. They got the slow part right, but I always considered “surly” to be a crucial aspect of the DMV clerk equation. My theory is that dachshunds are the DMV clerks of the dog world. Because they’re surly, poorly socialized dicks who take forever to get anywhere, you see. Basically, Zootopia seems like a movie I should’ve written, and I like that. It opens March 4th.