2 Chainz And T.I. Slight President Obama For Not Inviting Them To The White House

President Obama understands the importance of discussing current issues, namely criminal justice reform, affecting the black community. And as a hip-hop head, POTUS also understands reaching out to some of the more vocal members in black music to help bridge the gap.

Last April, President Obama invited a slew of rappers and black entertainers to discuss criminal justice reform. J. Cole, Wale, Chance The Rapper, Talib Kweli, Pusha T and even Rick Ross were some artists present for the meeting. However, missing in all the action were rappers 2 Chainz and T.I. Both men have been outspoken about the topic in the past and now feel jilted they weren’t invited.

2 Chainz posted the iconic picture from the meeting of his music peers chilling in the Oval Office with POTUS and made this slick comment: “I didn’t make this one either !? Back to my trap raps! Congrats on everyone else tho no hate.” T.I. backed it up with his own comment, writing on Instagram, “Me neither champ. Back to the trap we go!!! Lol, still great for everyone in the pic and hip-hop as a whole, though. #Salute.”

Apparently, 2 Chainz feels a certain way about having never been invited to the White House or meeting President Obama. It’s the second time in less than a week the Hair Weave Killer has commented about not getting any love from the White House.

“I usually just leave a lot of sh*t to myself, but I wanted to go to the White House. I never got invited. Seeing all these beautiful pics. Everybody going to all these parties,” Chainz said in an Instavid following President Obama’s farewell celebration that Chance The Rapper said was the most lit party ever. “I just wanted to say what’s up to Barack. We all come from a troubled past, but I’ve seen him giving people some really big chances.”

Chainz went on to say that Donald Trump’s people reached out to him to perform at the president-elect’s Struggle Ball, but he declined. “I had to say nah. No matter how much money it was. I probably won’t be going to the White House no time soon. That’s why I was trying to go then.”