The 2022 Grammys’ TV Ratings Weren’t Much Better Than Last Year’s All-Time Low

Last year’s Grammy Awards ceremony wasn’t a major TV draw, or at least not as big as it has been in the past: The 2021 telecast had the lowest ratings in Grammys history. It turns out things weren’t much better this year, as the numbers were only a hair above last year’s dismal ratings.

Deadline reports Sunday’s broadcast, taking into account viewers on both CBS and those streaming on Paramount+, drew 8.93 million viewers, which is close to last year’s count of 8.8 million. Furthermore, The Hollywood Reporter notes these aren’t the final ratings, which will be out on Tuesday. CBS is expecting the final number to be at around 9.6 million viewers, just above last year’s 9.23 million.

For reference, all of these numbers are awful compared to just a few years ago: The 2020 show had 18.7 million viewers and the 2019 edition had 19.9 million. For further reference, Deadline notes that also last night, about 4.7 million people watched new episodes of both America’s Funniest Home Videos and American Idol.

Despite all this, last night’s broadcast had plenty of highlights and surprises, so check out our rundown of some of those most memorable moments here. Also find the full list of this year’s Grammy nominees and winners here.