50 Cent Now Claims His Wads Of Instagram Cash Are Fakity Fake

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03.08.16 2 Comments
50 Cent

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Posting Instagram photos with stacks of cash all around you to prove you aren’t broke is a great idea. Trying to prove you’re not broke with stacks of fake cash however, is probably not such a good idea. After all of 50 Cent’s recent bankruptcy issues, the fact that he doesn’t actually keep stacks of cash around the house should come as no surprise to most people who can think logically and understand bank accounts.

In bankruptcy court this week, the rapper had to confess to a judge that he doesn’t actually have that kind of money, that he was faking the whole thing, and now has to prove all those stacks were super fake in order to be okay in the eyes of the law. According to the AP, Fiddy has a perfect excuse:

Judge Ann Nevins has ordered the rapper to appear in bankruptcy court in Hartford on Wednesday to explain the Instagram photos. One depicts 50 Cent next to piles of cash arranged to spell out “broke.”

That’s right, all of those super creative snapshots flaunting his riches were staged to make himself not look as super broke as he apparently is.

No refrigerator money keeping his Kraft Singles and vodka cold…

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