50 Cent Looks Back On How Prodigy From Mobb Deep Refused To Help Police Set Him Up


Mobb Deep released their 2006 album Blood Money on 50 Cent’s G Unit label, but their connection runs much deeper than that music industry ties. For 50 Cent, the loss of Prodigy on Tuesday marks the loss of a friend who once helped him avoid an alleged setup by the cops.

Both men dealt with their fair share of legal troubles in their lives. Prodigy faced prison time in 2007 for illegal firearm possession following incidents in 2003 and 2006. The Queensbridge rapper spent three years in prison for the charge, pleading guilty to avoid a possible 15 year sentence, but it appears that the police offered him another deal for less time at some point in an effort to get 50 Cent behind bars.

According to Fif, the NYPD and other law enforcement tried to get Prodigy to plant a weapon and “set up” the G-Unit star. Instead, Prodigy went ahead and told 50 Cent about the plan, refusing to help throw his friend under the bus:


Prodigy recounted the story himself back in 2011, claiming that the police wanted to bring 50 Cent down because “he’s strictly business” and “he’s successful.” He said ATF agents and detectives questioned him for hours, asking him to plant a gun, plant drugs, or provide any information on pending crimes. It’s a wild claim, but shows how Prodigy placed loyalty and friendship ahead of even his own well-being.