50 Cent Thinks ‘Power’ Deserved To Be On The Throne At The Golden Globes

The Golden Globes were last night, and Hollywood celebrated the best of the small screen in 2017. Many actors and actresses were rewarded, but here are always going to be some people who feel snubbed. We bet very few of them were willing to express their annoyance in the manner that 50 Cent did last night. After the Golden Globes, he took to Instagram to visually demonstrate how he felt his hit show Power was sh*t on by the Golden Gloves awards committee.

“GOLDEN GOLBES S*IT ON ME AGAIN, no POWER,” he captioned a picture of toilet paper strewn all over a toilet. He followed up with “F*CK EM,” before hashtagging his upcoming Den Of Thieves movie. Everyone knows 50 would engage in conflict during every album cycle when he was a fulltime artist — and he took the same mentality to Hollywood.

From his constant dustups with Empire and Lee Daniels, to his assault on the Tupac biopic, 50 Cent is always going to speak his mind and make sure the people who he feels wronged him feel it – in some fashion. 50 has been vocal about the perceived disrespect of Power, his show that has a cult fanbase but has yet to garner a nomination at the Golden Globes. That hasn’t stopped his success though, as he recently finalized a lucrative new deal with the STARZ TV network.

On a side note, 50 also introduced many of us to the first — and possibly only — Versace themed bathroom and toilet we’re going to see. Thanks 50.