50 Cent Threatens To Leave ‘Power’ After A Spat With Starz

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By all accounts, the Starz series Power has been a hit and a huge success for the network. It’s been critically acclaimed and as much of a successes viewership-wise as can be for a secondary, premium cable network. One of the biggest reasons for all of that success has been 50 Cent, but one recent decision from the network has him fuming.

50 took to Instagram, his usual social network of choice, to slam the network and threaten to leave the show for which he stars in and serves as an executive producer. “I woke up feeling a little different about POWER this morning,” he said in a post with a collage of shots from the show. “If the biggest show on your net work doesn’t mean anything, what does your network mean STARZ? I’m taking my talents to south beach f*ck this.”

Deadline reports 50’s discontent stems from a disagreement in which the powers that be at the series pushed for more episodes in the current season, the series’ fourth, especially for the mid-point where it sits now. The latest episode, titled “New Man” was initially supposed to be a two-parter, but according to showrunner Courtney Kemp, Starz didn’t sign off on the additional episodes. The result of that could be seen in the new episode, that seemed to rush certain plot lines, gloss over others and was just bloated and disjointed overall.

50 being disgruntled makes sense because one of the plot lines that seemed to be rushed was a key development for his character, Kanan. Whether he would actually leave the show or not is anybody’s guess, as 50 has taken complaints about the series and the network to social media before, but with 50 Cent, you never really know.

Check out 50’s entire post below.