A Canadian Hero Reportedly Punched Marilyn Manson In The Face At Denny’s

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Hours after playing a show in Lethbridge, Alberta, pale-faced leader of the mall goths, Marilyn Manson, was allegedly decked in the face at a Denny’s. Was it because he tipped even less than the average college student (is there a number lower than zero?), or because he tried to order a Gandalf Gobble Melt when the restaurant has moved onto Blartberry Pancakes?

Nope: Manson reportedly got “grand slammed” because he called a woman a “bitch.”

[Manson] hit up a local Denny’s around 2 AM. We’re told Manson got into an argument with a group at another table, and at some point allegedly called a guy’s gf a bitch. The guy was pissed, and we’re told he responded by punching Manson in the face. Police confirm there was a disturbance at Denny’s that night, but no charges were filed and the case is closed. (Via)

Here’s what the scene looked like before Manson entered:

Alberta Denny’s is for real Canadian goths only, not for hoser poseurs like Manson.