A Collection Of The Worst Band Shirts You’ll Ever Have The Misfortune Of Seeing

Senior Pop Culture Editor
10.28.12 4 Comments

After finding inspiration from an ad they saw during a commercial break for Good Will Hunting, which is where all good ideas come from (like my “it’s not your fault” ringtone), the fine folks behind the Low Times podcast, Tom Scharpling, Maggie Serota, and Daniel Ralston, are running an online contest to find the worst band shirt of all-time, with designs submitted from listeners.

The other day, while watching Good Will Hunting for the 37th time (how ’bout THEM apples), I saw a commercial for CustomInk.com. It’s a website where you can make a (shitty) personalized t-shirt for your softball team, family reunion, or…I don’t know, your other softball team. You choose the shirt style, the font, and one of their thousands of public domain images to complete your design. Here is where you come in. We would like you to submit the WORST POSSIBLE design for the band of your choice. (Via)

The winner, fittingly, will be the proud owner of a terrible Grizzly Bear shirt. Of the 1,000+ submissions they received, the Low Times gang picked the 31 worst, and will announce a victor sometime this week. I’ve included some of my favorites after the jump; I also made one of my own, on the final page. (All images via)

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